We remove barriers to scouting and guiding

We believe that finances should not be a barrier to scouting for anyone. In Colorado, we strive to make this a reality. Through community outreach, we endeavour to provide equipment, scholarships and training opportunities to youth and leaders. This helps to ensure that Outdoor Service Guides in Colorado stands as a lighthouse organization for responsible citizenship and skills development.

Opportunity examples

Backcountry hiking in the Dome Wilderness, Santa Fe National Forest, New Mexico.

Equipment for outdoor adventures

Donations of new or used equipment in good, serviceable condition allow us to provide our scouting groups with the gear they need to learn skills in nature. Examples include kitchen sets, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, flashlights, and other outdoor essentials.

Scholarships for travel to scouting events

Some of the best parts of scouting are in the friendships you build along the journey. Outdoor Service Guides host events – such as Hullabaloo and Paddle Camp – and training camps – such as Bronze Arrow Training for Pathfinders and Brownsea Training Camp for Rovers – throughout the United States. Typically, membership from all over the country are invited. We endeavour to provide opportunities for anyone who wants to participate in those events to do so.

OSG Pathfinder paddling down a river at paddle camp.
Bugler at a Brownsea Training Camp in 2023.

Local events and training camps

In addition to those hosted outside of Colorado, availability of adequate funding allows our organization to host and provide events locally and extend invitations to members both within the state and throughout the country. For guides unable or unwilling to travel far afield, local opportunities further remove barriers in pursuit of our defining purpose: to ensure that Everybody Scouts.

Technology assets

One of the rarely considered costs of starting an OSG group is that of communication. It takes time and money to build a website, recruit youth and adult volunteers, and establish effective outreach to parents. OSG of Colorado provides our web and communication platforms free of charge to member groups. We run membership campaigns and optimize web search to promote the visibility of Colorado OSG groups within their local communities.

Seattle City Light employee working at analog Enns Power Network Computer, 1968.